Message from St Tecla's Church Warden Annie Walsh

Dear Friends,

We hope you are well. Please find, a new year letter from the Bishop along with our weekly supply of Readings, worship sheets and Roots and activity sheets for all the family, on the St Tecla's page. 

Martyn insisted on also adding a suggestion, for all those struggling with all this snow and rain to have a Dry January!

Keep following the rules and hopefully the Vaccine will be available to many of us in the coming two weeks.

Martyn rang our local GP in Coedpoeth the other day to find out when they would be vaccinating my mother who is 90. They said that they hoped to get a delivery of  it in two weeks’ time. Strange given that Wockhardts, the manufacturers of the Oxford Astra-Zenecca Vaccine, are a mere 8miles away in the middle of Wrexham.

Anyway, hopefully someone will get on their bike and we all can have it soon.

Stay home stay safe – best wishes

Annie Walsh

St Tecla’s Church Warden