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St Tecla's Church Llandegla

St. Tecla's

The church of St Tecla was entirely rebuilt in 1866 but retains its old font and a quite beautiful brass medieval chandelier. Probably made in Bruges (Belgium) in about 1500, it has twelve elaborately branched and foliaged arms, with a beast-ring below a crowned image of the Virgin Mary. Like a similar chandelier at neighbouring Llanarmon, it is said to have come from Valle Crucis Abbey near Llangollen.

The Chandelier hangs before a truly remarkable Georgian window, originally made for St Asaph Cathedral in 1800. Unusually, the window uses painted rather than stained glass a depicts a youthful Jesus contemplating a vision of his future Crucifixion, enacted by a bevvy of chubby cherubs.

The first church on this site was probably built in the early medieval period. In 1273 it was regarded as a chapelry of Llangollen and belonged to Valle Crucis Abbey. The church still plays a big part in the life of the community and full details of  events and church service times can be found on the St Tecla's Newsletter page.

In recent years St Tecla's has created a Visitor Centre for the many visitors we have passing through the village. A series of information boards tell the story of life in and around the village through images and text. During the Covid lockdown we are sharing those boards here for your information.

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