Message from St Tecla's Church Warden Annie Walsh

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well and I hope all those of you ‘over 70’’ have had their initial vaccination.  I am sorry that I am late sending these resources out but they only arrived yesterday. If you are following the Morning Worship at home you will need the Morning Worship Readings rather than the Sunday Blue Readings as they are different.  (Resources can be found at  St Tecla's Church ( )

The Mission Area have welcomed everyone to join in on any of the Zoom Services at our other MA churches including the Streamed Services taken by Father Lee in Llangollen that are listed on the enclosed Sunday Services document. His services are quite interesting in that they contain an element of entertainment and are certainly worth watching – so much so that the BBC highlighted his efforts earlier in the week, so do look him up.

 Lastly can I ask you again to keep Dorothi Evans in your prayers as sadly the operation she was due to have a week ago was cancelled because of the pandemic and they are contacting her this coming week to know when she can go in. 

Keep on keeping to the rules and keep safe 

Best Wishes Annie Walsh - St Tecla’s Church Warden