Message from St Tecla's Church Warden Annie Walsh

Dear Friends

This Sunday’s morning service at St Tecla’s is rather special in that it is being taken for the first time by John Gambles who is our new Valle Crucis Mission Area Leader – so do please come along to meet and welcome him.

 Please find our resources for Worship at Home, resources for children and families and Bishop Gregory's April Pastoral letter to the faithful at St Tecla's Church ( . These have all been put together this week by John Gambles. For those unable to attend services this weekend, the prayers can give us a focus for our own prayers at home and the reflections on the bible readings better understanding; for those who cannot or who don't feel confident coming back to church just yet, there is a complete service for home worship.

 Finally, if you hear the bell at St Tecla’s ringing 99 times tomorrow afternoon it is in honour for the life of the Duke of Edinburgh who’s funeral is tomorrow afternoon.

 I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it on Sunday.

 Best wishes Annie Walsh