A message from Church Warden Annie Walsh

Dear Friends,

Research suggests that attending St Tecla’s monthly ‘Catch up Coffee Morning’ this Saturday in the Memorial Hall at 10.30 could be extremely good for your health.

I mention this as Martyn spotted an article in the Telegraph about research carried out at John Hoskins University that showed that Caffeine can enhance memories up to 24 hours after it has been consumed. This was similar to research at the Tianjin Medical University in China that showed that by drinking four to six cups of Coffee each day cuts the risk of a stroke by almost a third and that of Dementia by a quarter . . . and so, if only for the sake of your health do come to our Coffee Morning.

Then on Sunday morning you can lift your spirits again at 10.00 am when we once again welcome Reverend Helen to St Tecla’s for our Eucharist service.

Finally, you will find the uplifting monthly letter from Bishop Gregory at St Tecla's Church (llandegla.wales) . Do please share it with those who cant get to church and/or don’t receive our emails.

I am slowly on the mend and hope to at least attend a Sunday service sometime next month.

Best wishes to all.

Annie Walsh

St Tecla’s Church Warden