A message from Church Warden Annie Walsh

Dear Friends,

It has been a busy Easter. 

On Friday and Sunday we had two wonderful services from Reverend Mike Williams. 

The Good Friday service was particularly lovely in that we all just sat and listened as Mike read to us seven different readings about the various women who were all present at the end of Jesus’s life – and in between we just participated by singing 4 hymns. 

My husband Martyn remarked afterwards that it took him back years as it reminded him of those halcyon days when he was at school and teachers would  read the bible to you and one just sat and listened. 

What also added to the occasion was the sound of our organ kindly played for us by John Rogers. 

Today, Thursday 21st we welcomed to the reverend Sarah Bullock the Bishop of Shrewsbury and several other Pilgrims who were on their walk from St Winifred’s Well. They were happy to be offered a cup of tea and a piece of bara brith and they will resume their 70 mile Pilgrimage from St Tecla’s next Wednesday morning at 9.00 am heading towards Shrewsbury.

This Sunday morning we welcome Reverend Helen to St Tecla’s for a slightly shorter 10.00 service as afterward there is a ‘transition’ meeting where Helen would like to hear peoples thoughts and ideas on growing the church.

I look forward to seeing all of you who can make it on Sunday.

 Best wishes Annie Walsh

St Tecla’s Church Warden