Message from St Tecla's Church Warden Annie Walsh

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to say that once again we are open this Sunday for a 10.00 am service that will be taken by Phil Carey, so we look forward to seeing all those who can make it.

For those that can’t make it please find our usual support material including a Pastoral Letter from Bishop Gregory, a reflection by Martin Snellgrove, readings etc for home worship and ROOTS for the children at  St Tecla's Church (  

If you haven’t taken it up already there is attached the offer of a ‘Flutter’ with St Tecla’s Lottery! It was only proposed a couple of weeks back but already the take up has been good so please do join and help.

 Lastly, can we all pray and wish Barry Evans, our Treasurer a speedy recovery from a painful ‘torn Achilles’ . . . . and before anyone asks, it did not occur while carrying home our Sunday collection.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday and take care.

Annie Walsh

St Tecla’s Church Warden