Storm damage and rogue traders

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Storm damage and Rogue Traders

We at North Wales Police hope you are all ok following the recent storms.

Please don't fall foul of rogue traders taking advantage of potential damage that may have been caused to your property.

Opportunist criminals are known to target people following events like this, convincing property owners that urgent work is needed on their property to prevent further damage.

They may offer to go onto your roof for you and following inspection tell you that serious damage has occurred and you need to act immediately to prevent further damage.  They are aware their claims won't be clarified as most people will not be able to go up on their roof to inspect themselves, and if not using proper equipment can actually damage a good roof by climbing on it.

If you believe that damage has been caused to your property please use reputable, qualified tradesmen, get three quotes and remember reputable tradesmen don't cold call for business as they are  usually very busy.

Never feel pressured into having the work carried out there and then, most insurance companies will cover damage with a smaller excess than rogue traders will charge. Often they will increase prices midway through their work as further damage is uncovered.  The majority of work will not be necessary there and then, rogue traders are professional businessmen their aim to get as much money out of you, they will use a lot of tricks to do this.  Never pay by cash.

Please share this message with your friends, family and neighbours and report any suspicious activity in your area.

More crime prevention information can be found on the North Wales Police website by using this link

Crime prevention advice | North Wales Police

Alternatively you can contact your local trading standards department who will have a list of qualified trusted local tradesmen and women.

Stay safe

Sgt Sue Carrington

Eastern Area Prevent Hub.